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image-windows-8-hate-omaha-marketing-firm-reviewHate is a very strong word. That said, I really, really dislike the Windows 8 operating system found on PC’s nowadays! About 2 weeks ago, I purchased a relatively inexpensive i3, 6GB RAM, 750GB Hard Drive laptop pre-installed with Windows 8. I soon discovered how obnoxious the operating system is – a smartphone-type interface that ripped out useful, even fundamental, stuff found on the Windows 7 Start Page Menu. Interesting development. Microsoft canned the executive who championed Windows 8 soon after launch release. Blame the Windows 8 headache.

Microsoft is phasing out Windows 7, completely. Why? Windows 8, with a touch user interface, is billed as a better platform across-the-board – for mobile devices such as tablets to better compete with other mobile operating systems like Android and Apple’s iOS. Marketing vs. reality can be two different things.

My computer is not touch screen. But even if it were, I’d want to – unload Windows 8. So, I looked into returning my laptop and snapping up an old Windows 7 one. But no deal, to be had: the majority of brick-and-mortar Big Box Retailers quit selling Windows 7 computers. Stuck and left with no choice, I searched for a work-around, investing several hours to find a fix – of which I shall share with you. Saves YOU time! This herein review and ‘how to fix’ guide may help.

Windows 8 Not Business-Friendly

OMG! The Windows 8 operating system confuses – even for this semi-pro PC user. Fortunately for me, this laptop is for secondary use. For businesses forced to use Windows 8 as their main system, I shudder to think how the novice handles this workflow-productivity disaster. Even for personal use, Windows 8 is a long-hill climb to comprehend.

Simple Tasks Difficult to Do

I’m baffled at accomplishing historically easy tasks, like finding folders, launching the internet, locating programs and doing just about anything. After much frustration, I’ve opted to remove all the super exciting “features” of Windows 8, in an attempt to return my computer to Windows 7-like state. Yes. It’s a labor intensive effort, but it’s the only option.

Windows 8 image-windows-8-start-screen-omaha-marketing-firm-reviewStart Page A Mess

The most maddening thing about Windows 8 is that there is no Start Menu, which has been the central function since Windows 95. To my ire, I’m highly annoyed that the traditional left side of screen ‘Start’ button did NOT exist – at all! The Windows 8 Start Menu is a mosaic of tiles, which differ from traditional desktop icons by letting you view live information from Windows 8 Metro style apps without actually accessing the apps. In other words, Microsoft re-created the Start Page and replaced it with real-time crap apps you’ll probably never use, with many costing extra money to run. Windows 8 also left us with no easy way to locate folders, programs and other options – found in the classic Windows desktop interface.


How to get the ‘Start” Button Back?

As a work around, after much Googling, I found a free return-windows-start-button-for-Windows-8-download called classic shell. After a minute or two, without a reboot, my start button returned. Whew! Microsoft is reportedly building a patch to be released later this year. Forget about waiting. You can do it now, with the classic shell download.

Windows 8 Start Page = Junk Apps

It’s frustrating. The high number of memory-sapping, unnecessary apps pre-loaded onto the Windows 8 Start Page. Upon review, many of these apps, are forced advertisements with functions, at an extra cost to run. The net effect of all these tiles is a massive billboard for all the bloatware that comes on a new PC. It takes about 30 minutes to delete this crap. How to? Right click mouse. Choose ‘uninstall’. One by one, you can remove them.

image-charms-windows-8-hateCharming Feature. Not

Before I explain, I must chastise the name. It’s juvenile-sounding. Charms is a Windows 8 Start Bar feature that’s very difficult to locate at first. If you fail to read the Windows 8 OS manual, like I did, expect a struggle.

How to locate Charms Start Menu? Click cursor to top-right-corner OR bottom-right-corner of screen. Here, you’ll find options including Start, Search, Share, Devices and Settings. Adjust volume or brightness. Wow. That’s super cool. Not.

Remove Charms

It can get really annoying. While I have not done so yet, you can TURN OFF “Charms”, click here. Based on the instructions, disabling it takes some PC user expertise. But you can do it!


Forget About Escape Button

We’ve always used the escape button to switch from app to app, and if all else fails, we press Alt+Crtl+Del. But in Windows 8 the ‘Escape’ button doesn’t work the way it should! For a while, you may, like me, run to Alt+Crtl+Del to find your way in Windows 8.

How to Switch from App to App

Talk about forced corporate identity branding, in Windows 8, you’ll have to press the Windows key – to return to main screen or exit an application instead of our favorite ‘Escape’ button.

Can’t Find Folders | How to Fix

Windows 8 hides a slew of switches relating to folders, their navigation, the items they show, how they behave and how they search for items. To fix, open any folder, click ‘View’ tab on menu along the top, click ‘Options’ icon, then under ‘Navigation Pane’ mark ‘show all folders’. Press ‘apply’ and ‘ok’.


One of my biggest gripes is that Microsoft pre-installed Bing in locations difficult to find and remove. In my view, Bing, compared to Google, is clearly an inferior search engine. That said, trying to remove Bing is not as easy as 1,2,3, nor a quick add or remove programs uninstall. Of course not! First off, it’s difficult to actually find the ‘Add or Remove’ file folder thanks to wonderful Windows 8. When you do locate the add or remove section, no luck, Bing is not listed.

How to Remove Bing

Launch Internet Explorer. Go to Tools + Internet Options’ drop down. In browser settings, delete Bing and replace with Google.

Step 2: Go back to ‘Tools’, and press ‘Manage Add On’s. Under ‘Search Providers’, click you’ll find Bing alone. Scroll to bottom of page, click ‘Find More Search Providers,” where you’ll search for “Google”. Add it. Go back to page, right-click on Google and set as default browser.

If Something Works Great Why Change it?

To Microsoft’s discredit, it makes zero sense to re-make an operating system that people liked. Did Microsoft actually do consumer focus groups before launching this disaster? Apparently not. Or, if so, the survey questions HAD to have been loaded. After watching a Microsoft TV commercial recently, which stated that Bing, which Microsoft owns, is the number one search engine, I question their “scientific polling”. There is no way that Bing is better than Google. I’ve done the search comparisons. Google outshines. Likewise, Windows 8 is no good in my opinion.

Conclusion… Windows 8 Headache

Windows 8 is a major hassle. It brings a learning curve steeper than perhaps any prior version of Windows. If you don’t like the new Metro interface by Windows 8, just install a free third-party utility that restores the Start Button and lets you boot to the Desktop. Plus, delete, delete, delete, like I did.

Comments welcome.

Editor’s Note: Susan Stern, of Stern PR Marketing, is owner of a two-person, full-service Omaha Marketing Firm located in Nebraska’s largest city. Based on her expertise in Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Journalism, Ms. Stern is no stranger to offering opinions on a a variety of topics including technology. Inquiries? Visit Official Website Here Now.


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Image  —  Posted: January 7, 2013 in Web Design Omaha
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omaha-marketing-companyThe time is now to set your 2013 Omaha Business Marketing Budget. Let Susan Stern of Stern PR develop a custom ‘Marketing Mix’ for your company. We are a 2-person, full-service creative & technical Omaha web design firm specializing in web development, SEO, copywriting, graphic design, videography, photography and more. An Omaha Marketing company.

Omaha Marketer Susan Stern offers all things communication on & offline. So, that means, your marketing shall include everything your business needs to succeed in 2013. From print advertising, broadcast TV to the internet. Visit Official Stern PR Website Now. Or, Call Direct. 402-212-7489

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(Stern PR-Omaha NE)  —  An integral part of building your company brand is promoting a consistent and polished image on and offline. Everything your business puts out there reflects your company image, so hiring a competent and creative Omaha marketing consultant, well-versed in all media/print aspects is a must-have for a successful marketing strategy:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Website Design & Navigation
  • Internet & Broadcast TV Commercial
  • Brochures
  • Slogan
  • Print & media Advertisements

Every aspect of your marketing plan should have a common and consistent theme across-the-board: overall color, design and appearance of all things communication that your company promotes. This is not a do-it-yourself project. Only a competent marketing consultant has the tools and industry knowledge to streamline a company image at a professional level. Most advertising and marketing firms have up to 5 (five) people managing your company image. That means, behind-the-scene, one person handles the copywriting, another does the graphic design, and most likely other tasks such as website design & development are outsourced with high costs passed onto you. With so many people working on your image branding, that can present a problem in terms of image consistency, too.

It’s not easy to find, but you should outsource your marketing to a one-stop shop, so your image remains consistent. Yes, image is almost everything to a business, but not the end-all-be-all. Sure, a company’s image can help customers remember your business, but the quality of the image is what makes a lasting impression. In other words, a fantastic logo on a business card will have little influence if the card paper itself looks cheap. The quality of your business card image portrays to customers on a conscious & subconscious level. Therefore, a low quality image on your business card represents a poor quality company. Likewise, a polished biz card which contains a great looking logo and easy-to-read font and all contact information positioned on superior paper stock gives an outstanding impression of your business.

Equally as important as image is the substance of the service/product your company provides. Give your customers something that exceeds their expectations, i.e., superior service compared to others, out-of-the-box production/service – at a reasonable price. A successful brand identity is based on so much more than just a talented designer’s or copywriter’s interpretation of your company. Branding strategy must capture the essence of the company’s vision and summarize the benefits that your target demographic will experience when doing business with you.

Omaha marketing consultant Susan Stern is a one woman band, per say, She is an Omaha website designer, copywriter, graphic designer, photographer, video producer, voice-over talent and handles all aspects of traditional and internet marketing in Omaha, Nebraska. For more information and inquiries, please contact Susan Stern direct in Omaha at (402) 212-7489.


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(Omaha, NE) — A wise business owner knows that 21st Century Omaha website design – isn’t enough to drive quality traffic. You need, not only a tech-savvy Omaha website designer, but a professional Omaha copywriter for search engine optimization, too. The ideal choice is to outsource your Omaha website content writing to a professional in both SEO and aesthetics. Writing for the ear. Pleasing to the eyes. Active verbs, descriptive adjectives. No extraneous terms! Here in Omaha, Stern PR Marketing handles Omaha website design + Omaha copywriting. Streamline a company image with industry-appropriate words that are also SEO-friendly to help boost Google, Bing and Yahoo rank by “Stern PR.”

Did you know? Most Omaha website developers are technical only. They are not professional Omaha copywriters with a strong background in broadcast TV/Radio writing – like Susan Stern. So, what you get from most Omaha website developers is (honestly) stale copy, to be candid. That’s not superior name-branding for your company image,” remarks Susan Stern, “Stern PR” an Omaha Marketing Consultant.Stern PR | Omaha Website Design

Inquiries? Contact Susan Stern Direct (o) 402-212-7489
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By Susan L. Stern

ImagePin the tail on the donkey. Can you hit the mark? A keen Omaha business owner knows website rank and look are equal to the brick-and-mortar image of business – on the ground. “Your website’s design, its search engine rank and user-friendly navigation are vital to online success. It’s important to connect with customers, build relationships and boost online traffic and revenue,” emphasizes Susan Stern, Stern PR an Omaha Marketing Consultant.

Tip # 1. Your website must be found high, preferably on 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s called keyword local search relevance. The process of achieving the desirable page rank requires regular, monthly website content maintenance by a pro. A ‘Monthly SEO Plan’ is your best bet.

Tip # 2. Website design shouldn’t be too busy. A company website must be clean and modern, integrate appropriate widgets while offering quality navigation, descriptive copywriting and eye-catching graphics and video for aesthetics and SEO. Also. ‘Just Say No’ to all flash-type websites. Only flash headers (a home page banner) with text in body are effectively read by search engine algorithms. Finally, but not the end all, be all – website visitors must reach your business easily. Example: via contact form, email access, telephone number and so forth. It should never be difficult to contact your company right now!

Tip # 3. Marketing needs to be done right, not do-it-yourself. “Of course, to reach the pinnacle online Search Engine spot, you have to invest your marketing budget on either one of the following scenarios.

  • hire a full-time corporate communications expert at $40,000-$65,000 a year;
  • hire a high-dollar Advertising Marketing firm with high overhead and many faces;
  • outsource and save dollars by hiring one;
  • do nothing & watch your website fall to 3rd & 4th Page on Google, Bing & Yahoo losing out on new business; OR
  • hire an Omaha marketer who knows all available marketing options.

The last option, outsourcing marketing, is the most affordable and highly effective solution. Take note, you will want someone who provides regular website content/social media writing, directory updates and more. The best thing to do is invest in a – Monthly SEO Plan,” states Susan Stern, Stern PR an Omaha SEO and copywriter professional.

Tip # 4. Ask your Omaha marketer to issue quarterly performance reports, and include research/analysis in the Monthly SEO Plan. Both are important to track the effectiveness of any Omaha business SEO campaign.

Yes. Yes. Yes. With Susan Stern, Stern PR, Omaha business owners can expect the best:

•Stellar Copywriting
•Effective SEO
•21st century Website Design
•Quality Internet & Broadcast TV Video Commercial Production
•Unique Advertising available in Print/Media and Internet – a variety of Publications
•Eye-catching Traditional Creative Marketing
•Newsworthy PR

“At Stern PR here in Omaha, my developer Austin and I pow wow with the client during a conference call to ascertain a company’s on & offline objectives. Then, in person I present a written quote, which includes a recommended course of action, strategy, the investment cost and project scope. A budgetary commitment to marketing is worth its wait in gold. We offer personalized service, image consistency and affordability” notes Susan Stern.

All in all. Step 1 – through 4 are must-have’s – necessary for online & offline marketing success aimed at connecting with customers, building relationships and boosting profits.

For Omaha Website Design and marketing consultant inquiries, please contact Susan Stern Stern PR.

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(Omaha, NE)  – What sets apart Stern PR Website Design by Susan Stern versus the rest – is easy to see. Notes Susan Stern of Stern PR “most Omaha website design firms are solely technical people. Yes, they may set you up with a properly coded website, but most Omaha website design firms do little else. They are NOT professional Omaha copywriters NOR do most Omaha website companies excel in video production, graphic design, media/print buying and the like. My company, however, does it all. All things communication on & offline. I am a marketing consultant.”

In other words, Susan Stern of Stern PR is a company’s one-stop shop for creative marketing: Omaha website design and development, SEO, Internet Video Commercials, Graphic Design, Social Media Writing, Copywriting, traditional marketing, advertising, journalism and PR for Omaha business. Just name the task. Susan Stern of Stern PR will handle the rest.

“My website developer Austin and I together offer the full package of marketing services to Omaha companies. So, there is no need to hire a separate Omaha website designer, a different web content writer, another graphic designer, outsource a photographer and videographer. Stern PR Handles it ALL.”

Plus, Susan Stern, Stern PR creates unique logos, writes concise mission statements & creative slogans – everything an Omaha company needs to streamline their image or create one.

Contact Susan Stern Stern PR

Inquiries, contact Susan Stern in Omaha, NE Direct (402) 212-7489

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By Susan L. Stern

(Omaha, NE) — The wait is no more! The | Stern PR | Susan Stern 2012 video of services is here! Yes, the reviews of Susan Stern and Stern PR’s portfolio of services are very positive!

Every year, Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern unveils a public portfolio showcasing the wide variety of projects to be proud of. Reminder. Omaha’s Stern PR™ offers everything that a business needs in terms of Omaha Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations & Journalism – on & offline.

“People don’t care, and may not realize the labor-intensive effort for creative & SEO-friendly video production the Stern PR™ way – done right! For example. For my own production, it took 60+ hours. Creatively. I start by shooting the video with a professional grade, high-definition & high-resolution video camera. I do same with high-resol still cam. Then, I transfer to my computer – a custom high ram, best processor, highest storage capability on-the-market 2012, an all-in-one touch-screen, flat screen, best graphics card desk top. And, no, it’s not a MAC. It’s a grand PC. Yet. reasonably priced. An IBM company created-system, on a side note.

Back to Video 101 by Stern PR.  I first choose the golden soundbites, video, etc. I had already edited in my head during shooting, so I know approximately know where to go on-the-time line – for that choice excerpt. Forward, it takes hours as I manipulate each video frame-by-frame, interspersed with custom video effects, transitions, panning & more. Do this. Change that.

I pick & choose the right music bed – in my vast commercial-purchased video library. I comb through several dozens of songs & bits – for the right track.

Once music is chosen, I place it on the – edit bar of- my industry-level video production program. I then lay down my voice-over. I zoom in each minute audio frame and edit-out breaths. Clean up copy. Import new media. Redo. Playback. Revise. Lay down new Susan Stern voice-over tracks. Render. Examine. Revise again. Re-edit. Whew!

When all is said and done. I download to appropriate video sharing sites. Redo. Redit. Delete old. Download again. Perfect. I then draft keyword rich for SEO description, title and tags after extensive research & analysis involving competition search engine 1st page placement. This is the entire process. Stern PR™. Pre & post production.

As for Stern PR’s 2012 Video Debut, time invested maxed out at 60+ hours,” stresses Susan Stern, Stern PR™, Marketing Consultant Omaha. “I worked some overnights. Many, many hours. Eventually, I get to the point – where I just know the production is great. I publicize it!”

Susan Stern is so enthused. ” Gotta be candid. I got the ‘itis’. I think I am gonna immediately produce some – informative – Stern PR™ mini-videos, asap too.”

Susan Stern Omaha offers the same enthusiastic commitment/passion for clients – corporate videos for websites, training, boardrooms, trade shows and for a sales pitch! “Like a reporter as I use to be, I research. Learn, the product/service of each client I represent. It’s not complicated, for me. In fact, I’ve impressed one client in particular, he tried to hire me as sales director. No thanks. Much appreciated. I’ll stick with marketing consulting. Anyhoo, back to the passion of Stern PR™, I then streamline a company’s image via corporate video – complete with an ear-soothing, eye-catching slogan & entire name-branding – on & offline.”

Expect the best. Stern PR™.
Learn more at Official Website.

So, sit back for 1 Min :30 second. Then, call Susan Stern today.

Name-branding, building & maintenance. 402-212-7489

Contact Susan Stern 402-212-7489

Original Article Published April 2, 2012
Updated April 4 & 17th & 18th 2012
By Susan L. Stern

(Internet, USA) — Can you answer this question definitively – Do you know what SEO is? Turns out – 1 in 5 Americans – have heard of Search Engine Optimization, i.e., SEO…according to a survey by Matt Cutts, a senior software engineer at Google. In other words, that means 4 in 5 people – do not – know what SEO means. Cutts’ survey sample involved 1576 people, using Google Consumer Surveys, a new research service.

The survey found gender differences, too. The number of men and women who have heard of SEO stands apart. Interestingly, the research found that nearly 25% of men heard of SEO, with 16% of women aware of same.

Definition: SEO is the professional process of attempting to achieve 1st page Google, Bing & Yahoo ranking for your Omaha business website and/or directory listings.

What does that tell us Omaha internet marketers? “We need to inform the businesses we represent about the absolute necessity of having a regular SEO plan of action in place to build and maintain top search engine placement rank. That is, where your website or online directory listing appears on Google, Bing & Yahoo,” emphasizes Susan Stern, Stern PR™ Omaha.

– Click for FULL View – Courtesy of Google’s Matt Cutts

Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern Stern PR™ did her own informal, unscientific survey and found the same results as the Google Pro – that companies seem to be in the dark about SEO. “You can’t just have a website coded correctly to appear on the 1st page of Google. You have to constantly refresh the website content writing, the graphics (coupons), keywords, and take extra measures like write industry articles on your business blog, add website coupons or a news feed and have your SEO professional promote your online video commercial in mass monthly. On the latter note, Forbes Insight published in December 2010 found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page,” notes Susan Stern, a Marketing Consultant in Omaha, Nebraska.

The fact that only 1 in 5 people, an estimated 20.4% of Americans have heard of SEO based on the Google study is astonishing. “Cause it’s something that every business needs to achieve website search engine success,” summarizes the Omaha Internet Marketer.

Additional Statistics. Website business owners must understand that SEO is a high stakes game that you must win. After all, if your company website sits in the top tier of search results, you may experience a big traffic and sales increase.

Another study was released in September 2011 by the Pew Internet & American Life Project that found that 58% of those surveyed search the internet for information before buying products and services, with most users only viewing the first page: Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

How do search engines determine which websites go where? A site’s position on Google, Bing & Yahoo is based on a mathematical formula, an algorithm, which give high rankings to sites coded correctly, packed with viable keywords and more. In terms of outsourcing your SEO, Marketing Consultant Susan Stern, Stern PR™ in Omaha offers suggestions.

Stern PR Article Published Nationally – Ezine – Read Here!

The SEO professional you hire needs to regularly make updates:

**Write Industry-related journalism/PR articles on Business Blog
**Swap out & re-design online website coupons
**Write Social Media updates: Twitter and/or Facebook
**Website Keyword analysis, competition analysis, keyword implementation & reports

With 4 out of 5 people unaware of what SEO is, that is a tell-tale sign that website business owners need to get educated on SEO, at least learn the basics, before you outsource these tasks to an internet marketing expert. When all is said and done, in today’s internet-driven technology age, regular, i.e. monthly search engine optimization is as essential as having a company website.

Call Susan Stern, Stern PR™ in Omaha now to enroll in a monthly SEO plan.


About the Author: Susan Stern, Stern PR™ , Marketing Consultant in Omaha, Nebraska specializes in website design, website copywriting, search engine optimization, video internet marketing, videography and photography, graphic design, traditional marketing, public relations and advertising. Learn how Susan Stern can help your business achieve marketing success on & offline.

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Writing for the Ear & SEO ****Susan Stern, Stern PR™ is NOT ONLY an Omaha creative copywriter for – traditional marketing – like brochures, news releases, journalism/PR articles, company slogans, mission statements & the like. Here in Omaha, Susan Stern Stern PR™ specializes in – Omaha website and social media copywriting. Susan Stern creates outstanding website content that 1) contains active verbs, descriptive adjectives and no extraneous words. Plus, most important for website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), 2) Susan Stern of Stern PR writes website content aimed at building, maintaining and increasing your site’s rank. Finally, 3) the copywriting by Susan Stern shall include all the elements of marketing 101 – to evoke a call for action.

TIP: Omaha business content writing for SEO MUST be keyword-rich & regularly updated. Copywriter Susan Stern offers a valuable recommendation: “whether me or someone else, your business needs to have your professional Omaha copywriter periodically update your website, social media, business blog, directories etc. If you don’t,  your website will fall further down the search engines to the dreaded page 3 & beyond.” Weeky, bi-weekly web content updates – are a must-have and highly recommended. At the very least – monthly website content writing is suggested. So, having Susan Stern write articles on your unique business blog + social media sites like Twitter are included in the work. Stern PR™ offers a monthly maintenance plan that fits all budgets. Just ask for a quote.  

Contact Susan Stern Stern PR Great news. Susan Stern of Stern PR™ goes beyond just website & traditional copywriting. As a marketing consultant in Omaha, Susie Stern also refines a company’s image via – Words, Graphics & Video.

Inquiries, please Call Susan Stern for website copywriting in Omaha – journalism/PR article writing…writing for the ear & SEO.


Visit the OFFICIAL Website NOW.

Exceptional reviews Susan Stern Stern PR. A  Stern PR™ produced website has won national recognition! AutoInc Magazine named Sparks Computerized Car Care™ in Omaha Nebraska as one of the top ten automotive websites in the USA. “I am ecstatic that the marketing work I do for one of Omaha’s best automotive service centers earned industry distinction for both my Client and my own small female-owned Omaha website company,” notes owner Susan Stern of Stern PR™.

Stern PR™ handled the entire website development from image strategy and implementation to slogan creation, copywriting, photography & graphic design. “On the writing, about which I am passionate, I wanted to commemorate the owner’s beloved father. The resulting write-up has been well-received.”

Meantime, Stern PR’s™ HTML expert Austin Scott developed the data and set up the user-friendly Website Content Management System, allowing for easy editing, coupon uploads, and so forth.

“The Stern PR™ signature style is a modern 21st century website, with a bit of pomp and circumstance in terms of appearance, yet informative SEO-rich content that is non-technical in nature and without extraneous words & inactive verbs. One thing you won’t find often in Omaha is a website SEO writer and creative writer. I offer both and clients seem to really be pleased,” says an enthusiastic Susan Stern of Stern PR™, who’s scoring superior reviews.

AutoInc Magazine is the official publication of ASA, the Automotive Service Association. A team of judges reviewed hundreds of websites before narrowing the field to what it considered the best. AutoInc Magazine chose Sparks Computerized Car Care™ based on achieving certain key criteria:

  1. First impression
  2. Visual design
  3. Navigation
  4. Encouraging action
  5. Consumer-friendly
  6. Credibility
  7. Appearance
  8. Innovation
  9. Technical
  10. Interactivity

Learn more how Omaha marketer Susan Stern can help create an effective on & offline marketing strategy that nets results. Contact Stern PR™ now!

Now why hire a high dollar Omaha Advertising Firm with high overhead and many faces. Susan Stern Stern PR™ handles it all – for less!

Inquiries, please call Susan Stern direct at 402-212-7489

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(Omaha, NE) — Professionally-crafted email marketing letters for business – are effective to achieve brand awareness & purchase action. “Companies searching for innovative ways to reach their target clientele or pursue leads – should get on the email marketing bandwagon now,” notes Omaha Internet Marketer Susan Stern.

The potential impression rate is high. After all, most people check their email several times a day – at least. So, as long as your copywriter crafts an attention-getting headline, it’s nearly guaranteed that an existing customer & potential one will open the email. Of course, to keep them interested – you’ll want to offer an incentive – a call for action. If done right, customers would be able to print a coupon or receive a rebate, etc.

This is not to say that traditional print advertising should cease. Notes Susan Stern, “hard copy mailers remain necessary for the older generation who may not be internet-connected.” Instead, Stern PR™ recommends that Omaha businesses use a mix of both print and email marketing methods. Once you build your email list, you can reduce the number of hard copy mailers, thereby spending less on printing & postage costs.

Of course, not just any email marketing letter will do. Omaha businesses need to hire a professional copywriter, graphic artist and branding strategist to get the job done right. Template-based programs for do-it-yourself emails – look amateur. That is not the image you want to project! Run your company. Let Stern PR™ Omaha NE handle the rest.

 Susan L. Stern of Omaha, NE is a one-person marketing practitioner in Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in marketing, advertising, public relations & journalism – on & offline.